Taxidermy Auctions

There are no upcoming auctions at this time.

Alderfer Auction Taxidermy Auctions offer a wide range of taxidermic samples including; preserved mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. Taxidermy became popular in the Victorian era and the art and practice continues with finer techniques and results than ever.

Hobbyists, hunters, fishermen, outdoors enthusiasts, scholars and students all appreciate the arts and craft of taxidermy. Similar to sculpture, the skills of taxidermy encompass the crafts of painting, staging, tanning, woodwork and a fine sense of aesthetics. Often referred to as “stuffed animals,” our auction items are generally prime examples of art and dedication to the preservation and display of various animals. Specimens are both domestic and internationally sourced.

Our single lots and groupings range from the serious trophy, decorative arts and whimsical renditions to tableau’s of wildlife in action. Our clients offer individual pieces to full collections many years in the making. Groupings and lots often feature meticulously maintained shoulder, half body, pedestal and full mounts of single or multiple specimens in many species.

If you have an interest in selling or purchasing taxidermy, please contact us in advance of our sales for notification of coming items and/or assessment of your collection.