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Musical Instruments

Interests in a music genre is as diverse as an individual’s personality. Whether your interest is classic rock or classical, jazz, blue grass or hip hop, the instruments that create the music are the same. In many collector categories, the demographics of buyers play a strong influence in collecting trends. We have found this to be minimized in each category of musical Instruments, as the instruments and the craftsmen that have created them, have become the collected.

Alderfer Auction frequently hosts auctions of musical instruments with a range from strings to percussion, wood winds, brass and electronics. Located just 30 miles south of the Martin guitar factory, Alderfer has established a reputation for record prices in sales for these fine works of art. Artist-signed guitars are the quest of many guitar collectors due to the added value and artistry of many famous makers such as Martin, Gibson and Fender. If Classical instruments are your interest, Alderfer also frequently finds quality violins, violas, cellos and harps.  If you beat to a different drum, no problem. Whether you are an accomplished drummer or a beginner, we frequently sell sets that will appeal to a variety of interests.