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Step into the Billion-Dollar Sports Memorabilia Marketplace

The world of sports collectibles is a high-stakes game where vintage items command top dollar at auction. Iconic pieces of baseball history, like the famed T206 Honus Wagner card, have sold for millions. Contemporary hot tickets, like rookie cards of today's superstars, also draw record bids from die-hard fans and investors alike.

As this multi-billion-dollar market continues its meteoric rise, now is the perfect time to evaluate your own sports memorabilia holdings. With our nationwide presence and global online reach, Alderfer Auction provides the platform to transform your cherished collectibles into serious cash.

We Offer the Total Package - Decades of Auction Experience Plus Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing

Over our long history, Alderfer Auction has established itself as a respected industry leader known for achieving maximum value for unique and valuable sports memorabilia at auction. From a vintage Ty Cobb tobacco card to contemporary signed artwork from iconic pop artist Peter Max, we've sold it all.

And today, we supplement our years of live auction expertise with data-driven digital marketing campaigns that target qualified collectors worldwide. It's the best of both worlds - personalized white-glove service backed by tomorrow's digital-first customer acquisition strategies.

Let our team of memorabilia experts evaluate your collection today. In this soaring marketplace, it's the perfect time to unlock the earning potential of your sports collectibles at auction.


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1955 Topps Sandy Koufax Baseball Card


Sold for $8,400

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1909-11 T206 Bill Ohara White Border Tobacco Baseball Card


Sold for $7,400

Card Image

Ty Cobb


Sold for $4,200

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Kevin Smith

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