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For a complimentary valuation of your items, please complete and submit the information and images for sale consideration by our specialists.

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Fill out the form below to make a request of sale

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Your items will be professionally cataloged, photographed, and marketed world-wide

Before you Submit:

  • Please be specific as possible when describing your item(s). If known, please include special provenance, edition, vintage, designer, and/or condition.
  • In addition, please upload photos of the overall item(s) as well as close-up photos of any special markings such as signatures, maker's marks, inscribed dates, or any other unique or distinguishing features, if applicable.
  • By taking clear and close-up photos of all of the special markings on your item(s), you will help us get a better understanding of the item and its condition.


  • What kinds of items are sold at auction?

    Quite simply, if something can be sold, it has probably been sold at auction. Alderfer Auction sells personal property and real estate. Items sold at auction but not limited to are fine art and decor, silver, period furniture, firearms, historical, militaria, vehicles, dolls, coins, stamps, books, toys, business equipment and tools, plus estates and collections.

  • What do we offer to our sellers?

    We offer competitive rates for our Sellers. Our rates include consignor’s commission, insurance, photography & advertising. Packing fees & transportation fees are additional. Exact terms may be discussed with your specialist.

  • What is the difference between a valuation and an appraisal?

    Valuation is defined as an estimation of something's worth, especially one given by an appraiser while appraisal is defined as an expert estimate of the value of something. These sound like very similar definitions; however, the words are not synonymous. A valuation is generally given verbally and is an estimate of an items fair market value. This is a useful tool for someone who is looking to sell personal property. An appraisal is also an opinion of value however, this information is then presented to a client in a professional, written report that can be relied upon by the client, the IRS and other intended users named in the report. People commonly need written appraisal reports for estate tax reporting, insurance purposes and for tax purposes when a charitable contribution in made.

  • Are auctioneers licensed and bonded?

    In Pennsylvania all auctioneers are required to be licensed and bonded by the state. In addition, Alderfer auctioneers are involved in continuing education classes and have been awarded several certifications. Our auctioneers are also members of the National Auctioneers Association, Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association, and the Lehigh Valley Society of Auctioneers. Lic #002260