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Selling Your Home, Discover the Next Steps

Embark on Your New Journey with Confidence 

Making the decision to sell your home is the first step into a new chapter of life. Whether you're downsizing, relocating, transitioning to retirement living, or motivated by economic factors, you're faced with numerous questions: "Where do I begin? Who should I contact? How do I handle the belongings I won't be taking with me? What is my home worth?" Alderfer Auction is here to guide you from start to finish, ensuring a stress-free process that maximizes the value of your most significant assets.

Real Estate: Selling Your Home with Expertise and Ease

When it's time to sell your most valuable asset - your home - Alderfer Auction's Real Estate Specialists are ready to guide you through the selling of your property. After evaluating your home and conducting neighborhood comparables, we'll develop a customized strategy, including a timeline tailored to your needs.

The Auction Advantage: Control, Efficiency and Value

We have two methods of selling your property by Auction and Traditional Listings. Choosing to sell your real estate at auction empowers you to set the terms, conditions and timelines to allow for packing, moving and the sale of personal property. Properties are sold without contingencies in "as-in" condition, eliminating the need for repairs or the uncertainty of inspections. This method eliminates post-auction negotiations, as the highest bidder wins the property. Our comprehensive marketing strategy includes professional photography, virtual tours, online listings, search engine optimization, and targeted advertising, drawing serious buyers to your property. We conduct open houses and provide detailed Property Information Packets, ensuring transparency and informed bidding. Your property is listed on the realtor database of Bright MLS, as well as, Zillow, and other extended online real estate search directories.

A key benefit of the auction method is that the seller receives 100% of the sales price, with the buyer covering the commission. Alderfer Auction is committed to a smooth settlement process, minimizing any additional costs and providing a single point of contact throughout the entire process. This personalized support ensures you have a knowledgeable ally ready to answer your questions every step of the way.

The Traditional Listing Approach

Alderfer Auction & Realty has licensed realtors to list your property using the traditional method.

Ready to Start Your New Chapter? 

Alderfer Auction isn't just an auction house; we're your partner in navigating significant life transitions. Contact us today to learn how we can help turn this pivotal moment into an opportunity for growth and new beginnings.


Sell FAQ’s

Why choose the auction method to sell my home?

  • When selling via auction, the seller receives 100% of the bid price. Commission is paid by the buyer.
  • The auction process is a true “as is” sale with no buyer contingencies permitted, allowing for a seamless flow from auction to settlement.
  • The buyer is responsible for any municipality requirements for the transfer of the property, as well as any settlement fees.
  • If the home is still occupied, showings will be limited to scheduled open houses.
  • Seller sets the auction schedule to work within their time frame.

Am I able to sell my home if I still have a mortgage?
Yes, as long as the value of the property does not exceed the amount of the outstanding loans. Any remaining mortgage or loan balances will be paid off at settlement.

What is the timing of the auction process?

  • We work with you, the seller, to create an auction schedule where together we set dates for open houses, the auction and settlement.
  • As soon as you are ready to proceed, our Real Estate Team will take photos and a video tour of the home and property.
  • The property will then be uploaded to Bright Multiple List Service,, Zillow, Trulia and other online real estate search sites. Additionally, Alderfer Auction includes extensive marketing with global online and targeted advertising, email marketing, website and app, auction search directories, search engine optimization, social channels, photography, drone, 360 and videos where applicable, and more.
  • Open houses and the auction will take place over the course of 2-3 weeks.
  • Our Real Estate Team will work with you and the buyer to ensure a smooth transition to the settlement table, 45 days or less from the date of the auction.

How and when will potential buyers see the property?

  • Scheduled open houses will be staffed by our Real Estate Team. Additionally, if the home is vacant, real estate agents will be able to schedule appointments to show their clients.
  • The auction method allows buyers to view the property more than once prior to the auction.  Buyers may bring family, contractors or inspectors to assist them in making an educated decision about their purchase.
  • Auction eliminates the need for buyers to rush to place an offer. Auction also eliminates the need for sellers to choose an offer after comparing inspection or other contingencies or lending requirements. At auction, there are no buyer contingences. All sales are “as is.” The highest bidder on auction day wins!