How to Sell a Home at Auction

Considering Selling Your Home, Now What?

How to Sell a Home at Auction.   

Now is the time you have decided that you are ready to move. Whether you are downsizing, moving to another state, entering into a retirement community or its economic reasons, a number of questions go through your mind. Where do I start? Who do I call? How do I empty my home of the personal property that I am not going to take with me?  What value can I get for my home? What items can we take with us? Alderfer Auction can help you through this process from start to finish to alleviate stress and bring value to your largest assets.

Transition & Downsizing of Personal Property

If you are planning a transition into a new living situation, downsizing is often part of the equation. The task that lies before you, can seem overwhelming. It helps if you have a plan. The first step is to decide what you are taking with you to your new home. Our Transition Team can assist with this step by measuring your furniture and making a floor plan of your new space to show how it will fit. Next you will want to decide which items you would like to give to your family and friends. There may also be items in your home that you would like to sell. An Alderfer Auction salesperson can do a free walk-through, in-home consultation and provide an estimated value of your belongings and options. You can also consider donating items to various organizations. Lastly, a clean-out company can assist you with cleaning out your home and preparing it for the new owner. Alderfer Auction Transition and Downsizing Team can assist you with each step of the process, including packing and unpacking the items that you are taking. Making a transition involves many decisions. Alderfer Auction can help guide you in the decision-making process.

Real Estate

The next step to your journey, is how to sell your largest, lifetime asset, your real estate property. Speak to an Alderfer Auction’s Real Estate Specialist who will view the real estate property and discuss the options and benefits of selling your real property at auction. The real estate specialist will review the options, perform neighborhood property comparables and develop the listing timelines.

When selling Real Estate by the auction method, the seller will be setting the terms and conditions of the sale, timelines and the property will be sold as-is. Because the property is sold as-is, there are no back and forth negotiations after the property is sold at auction. You, the seller, are in control! Our auction company will offer open houses and showings for the property. We also offer Property Information Packets for all bidders interested in the property at the open house and on our website. We have an aggressive and proven marketing plan for your home that includes professional photography, sales materials, online listings, search engines, advertising, social and more. We also provide pertinent inspections to help the buyer make a more informed bid. To further incentivize buyers, realtors and brokers, Alderfer Auction even provides compensation to the winning bidder’s broker. The seller receives 100% of the sale price, the buyer pays commission. There are no other extraneous fees to the seller.

Alderfer Auction will take care of all the pertinent paperwork to make sure the settlement process runs smoothly. Settlement date is determined by the seller, so that will help ease any extra carrying costs. The seller will only have 1 or 2 point-of-contacts at Alderfer Auction through the whole entire process of transitions, personal property and real estate. You will always have a person who will answer your questions. Alderfer Auction is here to help with your new journey!