To receive a shipping quote, please complete and submit the information below. During high volume auctions, please allow up to two business days for a response. Please note, Alderfer Auction only offers shipping on select items. Please see Terms & Conditions for shippable product list. In the case that your item(s) are not eligible for in-house shipping, we will refer you to one of our trusted third-party shippers.


Shipping Your Auction Items

  • Customer is responsible for making Shipping Arrangements
  • To request shipping services, complete and submit the information above.
  • Please note, Alderfer Auction only offers shipping on select items.
  • In the case that your item(s) are not eligible for in-house shipping, we will refer you to one of our trusted third-party shippers.

Alderfer Auction offers in-house shipping, subject to limitations. Shipping, handling and insurance fees are additional to the total purchase price. You are responsible for making shipping arrangements. Alderfer Auction never automatically assumes that you want shipping. Please email us with any shipping related questions you may have: 




Third Party Shipping

While we try to provide shipping for most items that our auctions offer, items that are large, heavy or more fragile in nature will need to be shipped by a third party. It is at the discretion of the shipping department to determine which items can be shipped and which will require third-party shipping. 

Once you arrange shipping, email to authorize product release to your shipper.

Alderfer Auction is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur via a third-party shipper.

Shippers in our area



Collegeville UPS
130 W Main St
Collegeville PA 19426


Craters & Freighters
1461 Gravel Pike
Perkiomenville PA 18074


Johan Westenberg
Delivery &Shipping

(860) 964-9163  


The Packaging Store
1513 Gehman Road
Harleysville PA 19438

(215) 361-6940    


Philadelphia Mailroom
8001 Castor Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19152

(215) 745-1100

Daks Global
122 Mill Rd
Phoenixville, PA 19460



(631) 269-7000

Navis Pack & Ship
701B Ashland Ave
Philadelphia PA 19032


Atelier Storage
Specialize in Fine Arts

Fine Art Shippers

Lansdale UPS Store

640 Cowpath Rd

Lansdale, PA 19446        

Five Point Plaza Shopping Center


(215) 362-7366





Firearms shipping

Please send all FFL’s to or text a copy to 833-609-5701 

Antique firearms, please fill out the shipping request form above.

Alderfer Auction is FFL approved and therefore all shipping, packing and insurance are handled by us. Fees must be paid in advance and the shipping cost will be applied to your credit card on file. Shipping, handling and insurance fees will be applied to each item. To economize, we will pack multiple items of similar size and type together if possible.

All firearms require insurance and a required signature.

Any winning bid outside the continental United States must make arrangements with an FFL Importer/Exporter. The bidder is responsible for all shipping costs related to Alderfer Auction and to the Importer/Exporter.

Packing fees:

$25.00 for the first long gun
$10.00 for each additional long gun
$11.00 for the first handgun
$6.00 for each additional handgun

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping from receipt of payment. You will receive an emailed tracking number once your package is shipped.




Jewelry Shipment Policy

Collector’s/Fine Arts jewelry purchased with a credit card by first time customers of Alderfer Auction will not be express shipped and may take up to 7 – 10 business days to be released for shipping. This hold on shipping does not apply to payment made with cash, money order, wire transfer, payment through a third party bidding platform and payment through PayPal provided that the shipping address on the PayPal transaction matches the shipping address we are provided.  




International Shipping

Alderfer Auction can provide limited in-house shipping through USPS on international purchases under $200.00  that are not large, heavy or fragile.  Purchases over $200.00 or ones not eligible for in-house shipping will be referred to one of our 3rd party shippers.





Fine Arts & Collector's Shipping

Due to the oversized, heavy or fragile nature of Fine Art and Collectors Auction items, most items must be shipped via a third-party shipper. See shipper recommendations above. In addition, Alderfer Auction does not have an export license so all international shipments valued at $2,500.00 or higher, including hammer price and buyer’s premium, must be shipped by a third-party shipper. For all other inquiries please email






Who do we use to ship?

We provide in-house shipping mostly through USPS and FedEx. 3rd party shipper include UPS and other local shippers.

How do I get my items shipped?

Shipping is an extra-fee service that Alderfer Auction provides and customers must request to have their items shipped. We never assume that you want shipping to accommodate address changes and those who are willing to pick up their items. Please submit a shipping request form or contact us by emailing

How do I pay for shipping?

If you request us to ship your item and we have your credit card on file, we will use that card for the shipping price unless otherwise specified. If we do not have your card on file, we will email you the shipping cost with payment options.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, if you provided an email address to us, you will receive a tracking number through either USPS or FedEx. If for some reason you do not receive one, contact us and we will be happy to look up your tracking number and email it to you.

How are shipping costs determined?

Costs are determined by box size, weight and insurance value. Handling fees will depend on how many packing materials and boxes are used. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Do you insure packages?

We automatically insure any package that has a value over $150.00. If you choose to waive the insurance to lower the cost, you must send an email to to release us from any responsibility of damage that could potentially occur during shipment.

Do you offer express shipping?

Typically we do not offer expressing shipping except in rare cases. Please see jewelry policy.

How do third party shippers work?

Once you contact a third party, please let us know who to release your items to by emailing Alderfer Auction and the third party will then make arrangements for them to pick up your items. Once the items leave our auction house, the third party is responsible for packaging, shipping and arranging payments with you. You should also receive a tracking number through them.

What kind of items do we recommend 3rd party shipping for?

  • Large, heavy or fragile items
  • Furniture
  • Clocks and radios
  • Musical instruments
  • Large, fragile dolls
  • Artwork
  • Taxidermy