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Photo of Sherry S. Russell

Sherry S. Russell

  • Chief Executive Officer | Team Leader | Realtor

Photo of H. Brent Souder, CAI

H. Brent Souder, CAI

  • Sales Director/Auctioneer/Appraiser

Photo of Pam Bergey

Pam Bergey

  • Office Manager

Photo of Kirstin Skyrm

Kirstin Skyrm

  • Financial Strategist

Photo of Bruce Russell

Bruce Russell

  • Estate Sales and Project Manager

Photo of Jill Kaercher

Jill Kaercher

  • Estate Sales Specialist, Real Estate Professional

Photo of Justin Russell

Justin Russell

  • Marketing Analyst & Logistics

Photo of Christian Answini

Christian Answini

  • Senior Specialist, Fine & Decorative Arts, Auctioneer

Photo of Grant Souder

Grant Souder

  • Estates, Firearms, Equipment

Photo of Allyson Babcock

Allyson Babcock

  • Appraiser/Sales Associate
  • Serving the Main Line & Surrounding Areas

Photo of Mike Gribbin

Mike Gribbin

  • Sales Associate, Vehicles & Musical Instruments Specialist, Asset Recovery

Photo of Dan Angstadt

Dan Angstadt

  • Logistics Manager, Firearms Coordinator

Photo of Cathy Fenley

Cathy Fenley

  • Corporate Accountant & HR Director

Photo of L. Ranae Gabel

L. Ranae Gabel

  • Marketing Director and Business Development

Photo of Kaitlyn Mundy

Kaitlyn Mundy

  • Human Resource Assistant

Photo of Lucy Brubaker

Lucy Brubaker

  • Transitions & Downsizing Manager

Photo of Chris Harper

Chris Harper

  • Specialty Online Coordinator, Photographer, Firearms & Fine Art

Photo of Kirsten Saybolt

Kirsten Saybolt

  • Advertising Coordinator

Photo of Debbie Rhodes

Debbie Rhodes

  • Digital Media Designer

Photo of Sara Good

Sara Good

  • Cataloger

Photo of Jill Klaus

Jill Klaus

  • Customer Service

Photo of Bonnie Austin

Bonnie Austin

  • Operations Coordinator

Photo of Pat Austin

Pat Austin

  • Estate Sales and Logistics

Photo of Hayley Schaffer

Hayley Schaffer

  • Estate Sales Coordinator

Photo of Brigid Hillman

Brigid Hillman

  • Auction Assistant

Photo of Vicki Buchanan

Vicki Buchanan

  • Auction Assistant

Photo of Meredith Clarke

Meredith Clarke

  • Auction Assistant

Photo of Diane Althouse

Diane Althouse

  • Bidder’s Choice Cafe Chef

Photo of Joanna Freeman

Joanna Freeman

  • Transitions & Downsizing Assistant

Photo of Marlene Landis

Marlene Landis

  • Auction Assistant

Photo of Barry Doremus

Barry Doremus

  • Firearms Specialist, Cataloger

Photo of Leah Kaercher

Leah Kaercher

  • Photographer

Photo of Melissa Jay

Melissa Jay

  • Cataloger

Photo of Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez

  • Cataloger

Photo of Kathy Yost

Kathy Yost

  • Transitions & Downsizing Coordinator

Photo of Rebecca Zloty

Rebecca Zloty

  • Shipping Assistant

Photo of Deborah Peifer

Deborah Peifer

  • Jewelry Specialist

Photo of Roxanne LeMay Morison

Roxanne LeMay Morison

Photo of Dale Mechalas

Dale Mechalas

Photo of Charley Green

Charley Green

Photo of Wendy Gehret

Wendy Gehret

  • You Inspired Us Every Day. In Loving Memory.