Civil War Historical Pieces in 3 Day Fine Art Event l September 27-29 10:00 AM

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The American Civil War, whaling, nautical commerce, and coal mining involve history and stories of men and women that shaped the United States and made our country a land of promise with tales of heroism, hard work, suffering and drive.  Check out these historical items in this month's Fine Art 3-Day Event.

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Artist Spotlight | Marie Euphrosyne Spartali Stillman


A model, painter, and record breaking Pre-Raphaelite female artist. Read about one of Alderfer's featured artists in this September's Fine Art Event.

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Vintage Fine Wine History & Pairing Guide

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Alderfer Auction is set to host a 3 Day Fine Art Event on September 27-29th at 10:00 AM. The Fine Art Event kicks off with Day 1: Fine Wine and Champagne. In this Blog, we will highlight 3 bottles from our upcoming event with ratings, history of the vineyard, and pairing suggestions.

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Artist Spotlight | Antonio & Giovanni Martino

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"It runs in the family" has never rang truer for these two artist brothers. Read about our spotlighted artists, the Martino brothers, being offered in this September's Fine Arts Auction!

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A Mid-Sized, Mid-Century Modern History Lesson


Mid-Century Modern is a design style historic in nature, but also a current trend. Many people are decorating their homes in the MCM style, with furniture and products that are both brand new and antique pieces. The term Mid-Century Modern is relatively new, it was not until 1984 when author Cara Greenburg used the term in her book Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950’s. The retro-futuristic style movement developed out of post-World War II period, a time when families were in need of a simplistic style and a family-focused design direction. Historically, this design movement can teach us a lot about the American idealological timeline, allowing us a glimpse from post-war hardships through the Mid-Century Modern resurrgence happening today.

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