The Golden Years of Ocean Liners

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The golden years of ocean liner travel was a time of opulence for most of their passengers. Ocean liners allowed for mass immigration to take place worldwide, giving those who wished to start a new life the opportunity to do so. Throughout our world history, ocean liners have been a part of the fabric of world exploration, global commerce and transatlantic communications. One might not realize all that these grand ships have provided, but it is worth reading to learn a bit more about what these floating palaces influenced during their time in oceanic history.

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Seller Spotlight | The Parks Collection

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Alderfer Auction is proud to present the lifelong Single Owner Collection of Bob and Peg Parks. A pair of devoted collectors, the Parks’ filled their home with treasures bought at local auction houses and flea markets. The bright and glimmering colors of Murano glass became a favorite commodity which they were known for collecting. They also had an eye for leaded glass lamps, Art Deco bronzes, artwork, and carved furniture. Their love of perusing antique stalls began as a weekend hobby for the husband-and-wife duo but today their collection has grown into a spectacular exhibition worthy of a museum. Part 1 of their collection will sell online on April 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM

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Artist Spotlight | Fern Isabel Kuns Coppedge (1883 – 1951)

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In honor of Women's History Month, Alderfer Auction is spotlighting Fern Coppedge, one of the only female artists to be associated with the Pennsylvania Impressionists. Read about her life in our newest blog entry and view the selections of her work being offered in this month's Fine and Decorative Arts Auction!

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Joseph Christian Leyendecker: Father of the Arrow Collar Man


Meet Joseph Christian Leyendecker, famous illustrator for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's and American Weekly. His ability to reach audiences through his cover works for The Saturday Evening Post proceed the works of Norman Rockwell, in fact, he is the reason why the publication is as iconic as it is today. J.C. Leyendecker may not be as well known as Rockwell, but his work and his contributions to the art world speak for themselves.

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Record Breaking Fine Arts Event at Alderfer Auction

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Read about the results of Alderfer's exciting four-day Fine Arts event!

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Artist Spotlight | The Artistic Duo of Richard Rogers & Mary Bean

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Hidden away from the public eye for several decades, Alderfer Auction proudly presents paintings from the artistic husband and wife duo, Richard Rogers and Mary Bean. 

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Striking Gold at Alderfer Auction

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Whether you're interested in collecting or investing in gold coins, there is plenty of rich history to explore when it comes to United States gold coins. In anticipation for Alderfer Auction's Fine Arts Gold Coin event on Decmeber 7, allow us to introduce you to four of the most sought after gold coins in the United States.

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