Picking up your auction winnings?

Schedule Pickup Appointment

Hatfield Location


  • The pick-up times are scheduled in order to help us move merchandise in a timely fashion.
  • Please click the button above and select the specific auction you won in, the date available to pick-up and finally the best time available.
  • Once your invoice is paid, drive to the back of the building at your scheduled pickup time and proceed to Door #3 to collect your winnings.

Firearms Pick-up

Steps to picking up firearms won through our auction:
  1. Come to the main entrance to finalize payment and/or complete paperwork for the required background PICS check (Pennsylvania Instant Check System). Anyone buying a gun manufactured after 1898 requires a PICS check. We comply with all current state and federal firearm laws.
  2. Once PICS is approved (as required) and invoice is paid, drive to the back of the building, to Door #3, to pick up your firearm.
  3. Please Note: New Jersey residents are unable to pick-up firearms at Hatfield, PA and must have them shipped to a NJ FFL holder. Please see Terms & Conditions.

Estate Sale Locations

  • Each estate auction will state it's specific pick-up days, times and location. Please double-check the location on invoice.
  • Many of our auctions are on-location in the tri-state area and NOT at our home base in Hatfield. Check your invoice for pickup location information under “Auction Information”.
  • Please review the Terms of Sale for specific auctions regarding help required at pick-up.
  • Please Note: We offer services to have estate sales winnings dropped-off at our Hatfield location for a fee. See below for more details.

Handling and Transport Services

Can’t get to the Estate Sale location on scheduled pick-up day(s)? We can pick up your eligible auction items and bring them back to Hatfield, PA for you for a fee (see Handling & Transportation fees below). You then have 10 business days to pick-up your items in Hatfield without incurring Holding fees.

If you are in need of this service, please contact us ASAP at 215-393-3000 or email transport@alderferauction.com

Estimated pick-up fees to have our staff bring your items back to Alderfer Auction from an onsite location (typical box size is 12”x12”x18”)

  • $20 Packed box of Items
  • $25 Packed box of china/glassware
  • $30 Packed box of books
  • $35-125+ Per piece of furniture