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The Legacy of Coin Collecting:

The art of coin collecting has its roots deeply embedded in history, tracing back to the days of Ancient Rome. This age-old tradition of valuing and preserving coins, once a pursuit of emperors and kings, is now a beloved hobby and investment for countless enthusiasts across the globe. As the world has evolved, so too has the platform for selling these cherished items. Today, the amalgamation of this ancient collecting practice with the modern method of online auctions results in a seamless and efficient marketplace. It's a testament to this blend of antiquity and innovation that coins consistently rank among the highest grossing items at public auctions, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Why Choose Alderfer Auction?

Specialist Evaluation: At Alderfer Auction, we pride ourselves in understanding the nuances that determine the value of coins. Beyond the obvious gold or silver value, our specialists evaluate the numismatic worth, factoring in aspects like condition, minting, production limits, and survivorship.


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1810 Draped Bust Large Date Large 5 Dollar


Sold for $27,000

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1938-D XF 5 Dollar Gold


Sold for $15,600

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Dale Mechalas

Coin Specialist


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Grant Souder

Sales Associate | Estates, Firearms & Equipment Specialist

Grant officially joined the Alderfer team in 2019 after several years of sales experience in the vehicle industry. He is a graduate of Christopher Dock High School and Bucks County Community College and specializes is firearms, equipment, vehicles, and general estate items.