Estate Sale Services

Estate Sales

Our Estate Sale Auction Service provides a convenient solution for customers who are downsizing, moving, or settling a loved one's estate. We auction the personal property in your home to a global online audience of competitive buyers.

Our team will come to your home to catalog and photograph items for the online auction, such as furniture, decor, artwork, equipment, tools, and more. We handle all aspects of marketing to targeted buyers and managing the sales process and logistics.

Once the auction closes, our team coordinates with winning bidders for prompt pick-up of purchased items. This allows us to complete a successful estate sale auction within your desired timeframe as you transition your living situation.

We understand this can be an emotionally difficult and logistically overwhelming process. Our compassionate, experienced Estate Sales team will guide you through a streamlined, start-to-finish auction experience, making it as easy as possible to sell the meaningful contents of your home or your loved one's estate.

5 Easy Steps:
  1. Cataloging On-Site: Our Estate Sales Team sorts, describes & photographs your home contents into an online auction catalog.
  2. Marketing: The Alderfer Auction Marketing Team advertises your auction to a global audience through our bidding platform, mobile app, online marketing, email & social media platforms.
  3. Selling/Online Auction: The auction is open for online bidding 10-14 days prior to closing, which boosts competitive bidding and leads to the highest fair market value for your personal property.
  4. Supervised Pick-up: After the auction closes, we supervise and assist buyers on Pick-up Day in order to minimize foot traffic through your home.
  5. Consigner Payment: 21 business days following the auction, we will send you a check of your auction proceeds.

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