Alderfer Auction: Pick-Up and Shipping

Scheduling Pick-Up from Alderfer Online Auctions

How it Works

Each Alderfer Online Auction will state its specific pick-up days, times and location.
All winning bidders will receive pick-up notification with their invoice.
In order to serve you more efficiently during the hours of pick-up, and to better assist all customers, we are implementing a timed pick-up schedule. These pick-up times are scheduled in order to help us move merchandise in a timely fashion. We greatly appreciate your help.
Please click the button at the top right of this page and select the amount of lots you have purchased. You will then be given a choice of available time slots from which to choose.




Estimated fees to have items brought back to Alderfer Auction from an offsite location:

$15 Packed box of Items

$20 Packed box of china/glassware

$25-100+ Per piece of furniture

Certain lots may not be eligible. Contact us ASAP if interested in this service, 215-393-3000
*Items must be picked up within 10 business days to avoid a Holding & Handling Fee (See Terms of Sale)

We appreciate this opportunity to serve you more efficiently.
Please refer to the auction terms and conditions of your specific auction for more information.





In-House Shipping

We Ship Select Items to Your Location
Select items can be shipped to your home or business. Alderfer Auction may refuse shipping an item due to the size, weight, and fragile nature of certain items. We do not offer in-house shipping for: framed canvas paintings, glassware, statues/figurines made of glass, porcelain, or other breakable materials. We understand for some items there may be exceptions, however it is at the discretion of the shipping department to determine which items can be shipped and which items will require third-party shipping. Please inquire about international shipments.



Shipping FAQ’s

What kind of items do we recommend third party shipping for?

- framed/unframed artwork
- dishes (glass, ceramic, etc)
- furniture
- lamps
- statues
- fishing rods
- bisque or porcelain dolls with high value
- taxidermy
- vases
- clocks and radios
- fragile items or items with high value
- very large or heavy items

Why can’t you ship my item?
While we try to provide shipping for most items that our auctions offer, some items are more fragile in nature and we are more comfortable with a third party shipper to pack your items.

Who do we use to ship?
We provide in-house shipping through USPS and FedEx. Third party shippers include UPS and other local shippers.

How do I get my items shipped?
Shipping is an extra-fee service that Alderfer Auction provides and customers must request to have their items shipped. We never assume that you want shipping to accommodate address changes and those who are willing to pick up their items. You can contact us by emailing, by submitting a shipping request form on our website, or by calling 215-393-3000 and asking for the shipping department.

What are your handling fees?
Handling fees are based on how long the packaging process takes and can be anywhere from $3.00 & up. Firearm shipments have a flat handling fee of $25.00 for the 1st long gun and $10.00 for each additional long gun. There is an $11.00 flat handling fee for the 1st hand gun and $6.00 for each additional handgun.

How do I pay for shipping?
If you request us to ship your item and we have your credit card on file, we will use that card for the shipping price unless otherwise specified. If we do not have your card on file, we will email you the shipping and handling cost with payment options.

Will I receive a tracking number?
Yes, if you provided an email address to us, you will receive a tracking number through either USPS or FedEx. If for some reason you do not receive one, contact us and we will be happy to look up your tracking number and email it to you.

How are shipping costs determined?
Costs are determined by box size, weight and insurance value.

Do you insure packages?
We automatically insure any package that has a value over $100.00. If you choose to waive the insurance to lower the cost, you must send an email to to release us from any responsibility of damage that could potentially occur during shipment.

Do you offer express shipping?
Typically we do not offer expressing shipping except in rare cases. We will not offer express shipping on any gold or expensive jewelry.

Do you provide international shipping?
Yes, we will provide international shipping for items that do not have a high value. Each country has different value limits through the USPS. We do not have an export license, so if we are unable to provide in-house shipping on your item, we will refer you to a third party shipper who can assist you.

How do third party shippers work?
Once you contact a third party, please let us know who to release your items to by emailing or by calling 215-393-3000. Alderfer Auction and the third party will then make arrangements for them to pick up your items. Once the items leave our auction house, the third party is responsible for packaging, shipping and arranging payments with you. You should also receive a tracking number through them.




Alderfer Auction does not offer inhouse shipping except for firearms. You are responsible for making shipping arrangements with your preferred third party shipper. Email or complete fields below to let us know which third party shipper you have chosen, so that we have permission to release your package.