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Doll Auction

Auction: Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 9:00AM 

Preview: April 11th & 12th 10:00AM - 3:00PM; 8:00AM day of Auction.

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Alderfer Auction offers several cataloged doll auctions each year. We are proud to represent dolls from all eras and from makers worldwide including; Folk, craft, and ceremonial dolls. We feature famous doll manufacturers, handmade dolls and factory production dolls, antique dolls, primitive dolls, old and new dolls. We have carried dolls of all makes and materials including; French and German bisque, celluloid, china dolls, porcelain and Parian bisque dolls, celluloid dolls, cloth dolls, hard plastic dolls, paper maché dolls, as well as wooden dolls, and rubber, wax dolls.

Are your dolls valuable? The value of your doll collection may not be immediately apparent and we have professional appraisers who will be able to advise you on your treasures. Dolls that are old and mint condition are the most valuable and yet dolls that have been “played with” may also be holding a certain amount of value. Please call us to review before “cleaning” the doll. Do you have the clothes to go with the doll? The more original parts and accessories, including the box, packaging or wrapping, the more valuable your doll may be.

Please watch for our online listings and catalog to see the exact contents of upcoming auctions.

Our sales feature so many well-known doll makers that it would be impossible to list them all.  Auctions include antique through contemporary individual dolls as well as doll collections including; Holiday dolls, antique and vintage, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and more. We have offered Paper pulp Jack-O-Lanterns and veggie characters, novelties, Belsnickels, Dresdens, Glass ornaments, and cotton batting dolls. Look for The American Doll Companies; American Girl collections, Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Nippon, Tiny Tears, Ideal Shirley Temple, Ideal Judy Garland doll, Ideal Betsy Wetsy dolls, Ann Shirley dolls, Dionne Dolls, and other character dolls.

Historical Series; Vogue’s Ginny Family, early Barbie dolls, Kachinas, and Alabama Baby dolls. European Dolls; Lenci, Raynal, Venus, K. Kruss, Kestner, Heubach Koppelsdorf, Steiff dolls, Steiff bears and other animals, Bisque dolls, Schoenhut, Kämmer and Reinhardt dolls, Heubach and Kestner dolls. French collection of dolls; Bru Jne. & Cie of Paris, Steiner and Danel. Fashion dolls and many character dolls, animals and figures.

Doll collection accessories include doll cases and vintage doll trunks and cases, clothing, beds, dressers, tea sets in miniature and regular toy sizes, and many other miscellaneous doll and play accessories.

Please review our upcoming auctions.

Toy collections are the most nostalgic of our auctions, gazing at toy soldiers or model cars that we loved as children. Tops and boats, trains and planes, all bring back a certain pleasure. Collections are generally subject or manufacturer specific. Star Wars toys and collections, to Matchbox cars, vintage and antique toys and model sets are all followed by and collected by our audience. Are you looking for Corgi, Dinky, Hot Wheels, Mattel, or antique and vintage toys; pull toys, wind-up toys, friction toys or battery operated toys. Our favorites include; penny toys, tin toys and cast metal toys & coin banks, cars, trains, boats and planes.

Alderfer Auction would like the opportunity of reviewing any collections whether personal or inherited that are being considered for sale.