Books, Ephemera & Postcards

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Book collectors vary as greatly as the authors and genres of those collections. We are always hoping to represent collections of those who no longer collect, or no longer have the space to safely store their prized editions or individuals who are renewing their collections.

Alderfer Auction is interested in looking at collections of first editions or books signed or autographed by author, illustrated collectors’ editions, collections by authors, miniature books, gilt-edged books, books on paper, parchment or vellum, hand-bound books, individually printed books, books with well-known cover art, classics, sheet music and comic book collections are all welcome and well represented in our gallery auctions and online sales. We represent books in various languages and of all ages.

Collectors of books are also often interested in bookplates, gilt-edged books, signed editions and limited editions. Our lots have contained; works from the 1600’s to 1900’s, Including, first, limited, signed and collector’s editions, leather bound, sets, private press, classics,  hand colored, fine & decorative bindings, advertising items, signed books, account books, color plates, floral plates, prints, engravings, magazines, stock certificates, advertising trade cards, post cards, broadsides, puzzles, geographies, tobacco cards, hunting, Quakers, Mormons, phrenology, labor, tarot cards, surveying, atlases, documents, deeds, autographs, posters, photographs, maps, scrapbooks, plus many other types of ephemera.

Subjects range through; children’s literature, natural history, Civil War, book collecting, literature, architecture, American Indians, African Americans, Americana, military, slavery,  expositions, transportation, games, fishing, nautical, genealogy, erotica, movies, farming, religion, PA German, PA History, sciences, politics, Americana, American West, local history, holidays, Judaica, exploration, medical, Disney, travel, art, antiques, sports, cooking, various artists, illustrators and photographers including; Sendak, Seuss, N. C. Wyeth, Parrish, Brady, Boileau, Phiz, Max, Pape’, Christy, Bemelman, Kunz, Rockwell, Arbus, Avedon, Adams, Leibovitz, Mark, Steiglitz, Karsh, Penn, Evans, Strand, Sherman, Audubon, Carroll, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rackham, Potter, Schultz, Warhol, Pyle, Koons, Nast, Chagall, Picasso, Fuchs, Brett, Dahl, Barker, Breathed, Addams, Goldberg, Groening, and many others.

We also review ephemera of all ages, manuscripts, posters, magazines, and post card collections. Our sales are widely publicized for all collectors and sales. Please call us if you have a particular interest in upcoming offerings or would like a review of your collection.