Alderfer Auction is a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) located in southeastern Pennsylvania. Whether you are buying or selling firearms at Alderfer you will be assured that your firearms have been processed according to the rigorous regulations established by the Federal Government. Alderfer experts have handled the sale of over 35,000 firearms, our experts identify, describe, catalog and photograph each lot.  Alderfer frequently sells a wide variety of firearms including military, antique, collectible, modern, sporting and field, in all types from long guns, pistols and revolvers.

Over the past 30 years, many Alderfer Auction customers have found comfort in naming Alderfer Auction in their estate plans to assure the proper handling and placement of their collection. Clients have peace in knowing there will be reduced stress on their loved ones and the return on their investment will be maximized for their estate.

The Alderfer Auction Firearm Specialists can provide written appraisals to reflect fair market value for insurance purposes, equitable distribution, and family division reasons. 

Alderfer has had the privilege and ability of handling bankruptcy liquidations and single owner collections as large as 1600 firearms, down to a single firearm. Each Alderfer Firearm Auction has an online auction component to maximize the exposure of each item. This allows collectors, seeking to add to their collections, the ability to bid from the comfort of their home. This online component assures the consignor maximum exposure for maximum results. 

Along with the sale of firearms at Alderfer Auction, we offer the sale of accessories associated with hunting, shooting and outdoor sports including reloading equipment, ammo, optics, knives, clothing, etc.

Alderfer Auction is accepting buyouts and consignments from collections or estates all year round. 


Seller Reviews

"Was extremely pleased about the sale amounts and your very reasonable commissions… I wanted to advise you of my recent experience with Alderfer's and especially your firearm specialist. My dad is 92 and received his first gun at age 12. Since then he enjoyed hunting, trap shooting, and the camaraderie that goes with all that. Over the years he acquired quite a collection. Unfortunately, his age and health no longer allow him to participate, and we wanted to rehome his firearms while he was still here to participate. As you can imagine, this was a very emotional process for him. I contacted your company because everyone knows Alderfer's is the best auction group!  Your firearm specialist came to our home and was aware of what this collection meant to my father. During the time he was cataloguing and removing the guns, He was very professional, as I knew he would be, and he was also very personable and respectful of my father, chatting with dad and immediately putting him at ease. Your specialist kept me apprised about the auctions, sales and payment processing.  Dad was happy and your specialsit did all the work and all he had to do was wait for sales notification.  And, dad was extremely pleased about the sale amounts and your very reasonable commissions.I am sure you regularly receive positive feedback about your firearm specialist, and I wanted you to know he went above and beyond in the way he handled this very personal experience. I've already recommended Alderfer's to several friends and coworkers and could not speak highly enough. Many thanks to your specialist and your organization!"- M.P., Customer