Mid-Century Modern Artist Spotlight: Charles Raymond Solt & Evelyn Ackerman

Mid-Century Modern Artist Spotlight: Charles Raymond Solt & Evelyn Ackerman

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Alderfer Auction's upcoming Mid-Century Modern and Design auction will feature work by artists Charles Raymond Solt and Evelyn Ackerman. The offerings in this auction have been carefully curated to appeal to avid collectors and for those wishing to add Mid-Century flare into their home aesthetic.

Charles Raymond Solt, born in Ohio, earned his MA in fine art from Wayne State University. He curated exhibits at the Science and Natural History Museum at Florida State University.

Solt spent 22 years as a designer, and then supervisor of surface and dimensional design at Lenox Pottery. His work assisted in producing china sets for U.S. Presidents, including Nixon, Carter and Reagan. In addition to designing Lenox china sets, he was involved in the design of Boehm bird series plates and Christmas wreath series plates.


White House Presidential Lenox bone china sets, Carter, left, Reagan right.

Charles Solt created his own artwork, painting abstract pieces with vivid coloring. He had a love for textiles, which led to his love for petit point needlework.


Alderfer Auction, MCM upcoming Charles Raymond Solt paintings, left; Oil on Board, unsigned, right; Oil on canvas, 1963

Petit Point embroidery is a labor-intensive form of needlework. The stitches are very small, creating intricate designs on canvas or fabric. The petit point designs can be used on small items, such as purses or clothing, to large scale canvases.


Alderfer Auction, MCM upcoming Charles Raymond Solt petit point textiles, left; petit point floor tapestry, 1990 right; 3 panel petit point textile on iron screen, 2003-2004

Another Mid-Century artist who worked in embroidery textiles in is Evelyn Ackerman.

Evelyn Ackerman, and her husband, Jerome Ackerman were textile artists from Los Angeles. Their work was central in the California Mid-Century Modern craze. Their work grew out of the principles of the Bauhaus, a style of art from Germany that grew from inspirations within the Arts and Crafts movement and Modernism. The Ackermans were known for having a body of work that utilized a wide array of techniques and materials, working in ceramics, metal, textiles and more. Their designs were warm and whimsical, featuring animals, flowers, and mythical figures.

Evelyn Ackerman’s designs appeared in many museum exhibitions including the Mingei International Museum, Pasadena Art Museum, and a permanent collection at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

She wanted her work to be affordable and accessible, her designs were sold at department stores and contemporary markets. Her textiles were vibrant, with incredible movement, line, color, and form.

Alderfer Auction, MCM upcoming Evelyn Ackerman textiles, created for ERA, King and Queen tapestry pair

As luck would have it,  Alderfer Auction has Solt and Ackerman textiles in our upcoming MCM auction, our 5th auction focusing on MCM design.


Alderfer Auction, MCM upcoming Charles Raymond Solt petit point textiles, left; petit point textile, 1996, right; floral petit point textile, 1988-1990

To add a bit of Mid-Century Modern design to your collection, Alderfer Auction’s latest Mid-Century Modern and Design sale is up and accepting bids, items will be sold online, February 9, 2023, at 10 AM EST. Preview will be held at our Doylestown location at 584 W. Swamp Road in Doylestown, PA 18901 on February 6th through 8th from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, no appointment necessary.