Reviving a Lost Art: How William Spratling Transformed Mexican Silver Jewelry

Reviving a Lost Art: How William Spratling Transformed Mexican Silver Jewelry

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Reviving a Lost Art: How William Spratling Transformed Mexican Silver Jewelry

Edited by: Christian Answini | Fine Art Specialist 


William Spratling's journey began in the late 1920s when he moved to Mexico to teach architecture at the National University. Fascinated by the country's rich cultural heritage, Spratling soon found himself drawn to the ancient silversmithing traditions of the region. He saw an opportunity to revive these age-old techniques and create something truly unique. Spratling's early designs were heavily influenced by pre-Columbian art and mythology. He incorporated motifs such as the Aztec calendar, serpents, and eagles into his pieces, giving them a distinctive and authentic Mexican character. These designs quickly gained popularity among the artistic and intellectual circles in Mexico City, and soon, Spratling's jewelry was being sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.


#3029 • William Spratling Liquid Silver Necklace

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Spratling's vision went beyond just creating beautiful jewelry. He wanted to empower the local community and provide them with a sustainable livelihood. He established the Taller de Las Delicias (Workshop of Delights) in Taxco, where he trained and employed local artisans, many of whom had never worked with silver before. Under Spratling's guidance, these artisans quickly mastered the art of silversmithing, producing exquisite pieces that combined traditional techniques with modern designs. The workshop became a hub of creativity and innovation, attracting talented artists from all over Mexico. Spratling's commitment to his artisans was unwavering – he provided them with fair wages, benefits, and a supportive work environment that fostered their growth and development.


Spratling's impact on Mexican silver jewelry cannot be overstated. He not only revived a dying craft but also elevated it to new heights. His designs were celebrated for their simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Spratling's pieces were worn by celebrities and dignitaries around the world, putting Mexican silver jewelry on the global map. One of Spratling's most famous designs is the "Spratling Necklace," a bold and chunky silver necklace that features a series of interlocking links. This iconic piece has become a symbol of Mexican silver jewelry and is highly sought after by collectors. Spratling's influence extended far beyond his own workshop – he inspired a new generation of Mexican silversmiths who carried on his legacy and continued to innovate and push the boundaries of what was possible with this precious metal.


#3139 • William Spratling Sterling Silver Nut Dishes

Day 1: Fine Jewelry & Silver | March 13th at 10:00 AM


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