Alfonzo Caliendo: From Cameo Apprentice to Visionary Artist

Alfonzo Caliendo: From Cameo Apprentice to Visionary Artist


Alfonzo Caliendo: From Cameo Apprentice to Visionary Artist

Editors: Christian Answini & Melissa Jay


Imagine a young boy, barely 11 years old, hunched over a workbench in Torre de Greco, Italy, meticulously crafting intricate cameos. Little did he know that this early apprenticeship would pave the way for a remarkable journey, leading him to become one of the most captivating artists of our time: Alfonzo Caliendo.


A Journey of Artistic Discovery

Alfonzo Caliendo's path to artistic excellence was far from conventional. Born in Naples, Italy, he initially tried to follow in his father's footsteps as a tailor, but fate had other plans. At the tender age of 11, Caliendo began his apprenticeship as a cameo artist in Torre de Greco. This early exposure to the world of art ignited a passion that would continue to burn brightly throughout his life.


Embracing the American Dream

At the age of 16, Caliendo and his family made the bold decision to immigrate to America, settling in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York. Determined to pursue his artistic aspirations, Caliendo enrolled in the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology at the age of 21, focusing on sketching and pattern-making. However, it was during his time at the Art Institute in Los Angeles, California, where he truly found his artistic voice. Attending evening classes in drawing and painting, Caliendo became part of a tight-knit group of eight artists who would gather to create art, hiring models to sit for them and inspiring each other's creativity.

#4171 • Alfonso Caliendo (20th/21st)

 The Evolution of a Unique Style

Caliendo's art is deeply influenced by his surroundings, particularly his fascination with water. The waterfront became a constant source of inspiration, as evidenced in many of his pieces. What sets Caliendo apart is his organic approach to creation. He never begins a piece with a specific idea or direction in mind; instead, he allows the ideas to flow naturally, resulting in works that are both spontaneous and thought-provoking. Even his time as an antique shop owner in Paterson, NJ, left its mark on his art, as he began incorporating newspapers into his creations. Now, you have the opportunity to own a piece of Alfonzo Caliendo's captivating journey. Our upcoming auction features an exclusive collection of his works, each one a testament to his unique vision and artistic prowess. Whether you're a seasoned art dealer looking to enrich your inventory or a passionate collector eager to add a Caliendo masterpiece to your collection, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Visit our auction today and secure your piece of this extraordinary artist's legacy.


#4170 • Alfonso Caliendo (20th/21st) | Fine Art & Mid-Century Modern