The team of Appraisers at Alderfer Auction have a unique advantage over most appraisers. Our appraisers are observing the market changes and trends on a daily basis through the ever changing landscape of the auction market. Whether you need to settle an estate, partnership dissolution, equitable distribution or market evaluation, our appraisers will be happy to assist you. 

Each appraisal report is written in compliance to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Each of our appraisers have gone through vigorous training and have earned designations in their field. 

Many appraisal needs are for governmental functions. This can include insurance replacement value, charitable contribution, Federal casualty loss, or gift tax. This appraisal valuation is very different than that of Fair Market Value. The IRS has very specific guidelines on what they need and who can do the appraisal. To insure the needs of our client meet the IRS requirements, Alderfer Auction has formed an Alliance with NAC (National Appraisal Consultants), Leon Castner and Brian Kathenes, each having extensive experience and expertise in this field allowing them to better serve the clients and customers of Alderfer Auction.