Why Opt For the Accelerated Program?

Auction is a viable and competitive way of selling your home. Our accelerated program will provide the same level of professionalism and care for our sellers but in a quicker timeframe. Potential buyers/bidders will have availability to the property with showings and an open house. Alderfer Auction provides Property Information Packets, title search of the property and inspections that would be pertinent to the property. The buyers will still be able to have ample amount of time to receive a pre-approval for a conventional loan. Your property will be placed in the current trending market, and we will actively promote across social media platforms for an intensified online marketing process. We will also be providing the buyers the availability to bid online as well.  This will ensure the seller will receive fair market value the day of the auction. 

If you need a quick timeline to move out of your home, we can assist you with this task.  With many years of experience in providing services for personal property auctions, both at our auction center and our in-home online auctions, we have the capability to sell the real estate then help you with the items you are not needing for your move. We will be able to provide expert advice with your personal property while the real estate is going through the closing & settlement process. We will navigate the process once the contract is signed to the day of settlement with timelines for our seller.  The Accelerated Program will also lessen the seller’s expense since the carrying cost of the property will decrease. The property is sold as-is with no contingencies. Settlement dates are predetermined by the seller so the buyer will abide by the timeline. The accelerated program is here to make your next move and journey in life a smooth transition.      


Alderfer Auction accelerated real estate program