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Meet Our Awesome Team

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Sherry S. Russell

H. Brent Souder, CAI

Cathy Fenley

Joyce Z. Ruth, CES, CAI

Pam Bergey

L. Ranae Gabel

Dan Angstadt

Mike Gribbin

Lori Biechy

Jill Kaercher

Tim Hollinger

Allyson Babcock

Roxanne LeMay Morison

Dale Mechalas

Charley Green

Deborah Peifer

Christian Answini

Lucy Brubaker

Jonathan Castner

  • Sports Collectibles Specialist
  • 215-393-3000

Chris Harper

Diane Nyce

Jill Klaus

Kirsten Saybolt

Christie McClary

Brigid Hillman

Vicki Buchanan

Donna K. Rice

Meredith Clarke

Donna Rice

Kathy Yost

Diane Althouse

Hayley Schaffer

Bonnie Childs

  • Operations Coordinator

Wendy Gehret

  • Transitions & Downsizing Assistant

Joanna Childs

  • Transitions & Downsizing Assistant

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