Three New Hires for the Expanding Alderfer Auction Online Onsite Team

Three New Hires for the Expanding Alderfer Auction Online Onsite Team


Hatfield, PA – Alderfer Auction announces the addition of Hayley Schaffer as Online Onsite Coordinator and Joanna Childs and Bonnie Childs as Cataloger and Logistics Lead, respectively.

When people think Auction, they think product. They are only partially correct. Auction is a service. One of Alderfer Auction’s services that has grown exponentially over the past 2 years, under the ownership of Sherry S. Russell, is the Alderfer Online Onsite Auctions. Some people recall the days of an at-home tag sale or an on-location masterful auctioneer with his/her soapbox auction. Now add a modern twist that reaches a local and worldwide audience. This is an Alderfer Online Onsite Auction!

An Alderfer Online Onsite Auction are items sold in the house, in-place and within a short timeframe ONLINE! This is accomplished in 5 easy steps: cataloging onsite, marketing, selling online, supervised pickup, and the consignor is paid in 21 business days! In other words, the entire contents of the home from attic to basement, garage to outbuildings are sold in-place without moving costs. An added bonus is Alderfer Auction can also sell the real estate property using the auction method, start to finish…sold and settled in 60 days.

In first quarter 2019 alone, the Alderfer Auction Online Onsite Team has listed over 6,000 lots, taken over 45,000 photos and uploaded dozens of Alderfer Online Onsite Auctions. Customers have stated, “I have bid on other online auctions but Alderfer Auction’s photography and descriptions are clearer, more comprehensive and accurate. Plus, bidding on their app is so easy to use.”

Jill Kaercher, Online Onsite Auction Manager, states, “We are a fine oiled machine with the product knowledge to comprehensively describe a customer’s belongings, photography skills to best represent the product and the compassion to help the customers through an emotional time. Our bidding platforms give worldwide exposure for our customers, yet we market & advertise on a hyper-local level. It is the best of all worlds but ultimately, it is what’s best for our consignor.”  

Alderfer Auction services Montgomery, Bucks, Berks and Chester counties, as well as the tri-state area. Alderfer Auction provides, Auction, Appraisal, Transitions & Downsizing and Real Estate Services that work with individuals, families, financial advisors, accountants, banks, estate, elder law attorneys and insurance companies. For more information, visit, call 215.393.3000 or visit Alderfer Auction at 501 Fairgrounds Rd., Hatfield, PA.