"Pedaling Through History: The Art of Collecting High Wheel Bicycles"

“Pedaling Through History: The Art of Collecting High Wheel Bicycles”

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"Pedaling Through History: The Art of Collecting High Wheel Bicycles"

Edited by: Christian Answini | Fine Art Specialist 


When delving into the niche but fascinating world of high wheel bicycle collecting, one finds themselves pedaling through history, engineering, and a unique community of enthusiasts. High wheel  bicycles, also known as penny-farthings, emerged in the late 19th century, characterized by their large front wheel and much smaller rear wheel. Collecting these bicycles is more than a hobby; it's a preservation of cycling history and an appreciation for the craft of early bicycle making.The thrill of collecting high wheel bicycles lies in the hunt for rare models, the restoration of rusty finds, and the camaraderie found at auctions and collector gatherings. Each bicycle tells a story of its era, from the spoke design to the curvature of the handlebars. Collectors often become historians, learning about the evolution of cycling and the various manufacturers that contributed to its popularity.




One of the most coveted models among high wheel enthusiasts is the Pope "Expert Columbia" High Wheel Bicycle. This particular model is known for its craftsmanship and was a popular choice during the high wheel era. The Pope Manufacturing Company was a leader in American bicycle manufacturing, and its "Columbia" line was renowned for quality and innovation. Collecting a Pope "Expert Columbia" is considered a significant achievement for many high wheel aficionados. For enthusiasts eager to expand their collection or newcomers interested in the realm of high wheel bicycles, online auction platforms such as Alderfer Auction offer a convenient portal to rare and unique finds. The Collectors Auction on January 18th, hosted exclusively online by Alderfer, presents a particularly exciting opportunity, featuring an array of collectible treasures, including the sought-after Pope "Expert Columbia" High Wheel Bicycle. Participating in these online auctions not only allows collectors to acquire rare pieces from the comfort of their own homes but also provides a platform to connect with a community of like-minded individuals, sharing stories and knowledge in a virtual gathering of high wheel aficionados.


Featured in Collectors, January 18th at 10:00 AM


As with any collecting, the key to success is research, patience, and passion. Understanding the history of high wheel bicycles, recognizing the characteristics of different models, and staying informed about upcoming auctions and collector events are all part of the journey. Whether you're admiring a high wheel bicycle in a museum, restoring one in your garage, or bidding on one at an auction like Alderfer's, the world of high wheel collecting is rich with history, community, and the ongoing thrill of the chase. So, gear up and enjoy the ride into the past, one high wheel at a time!


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