Exploring the Artistic Journey of Rubens Santoro: From Venetian Canals to North African Sunlight

Exploring the Artistic Journey of Rubens Santoro: From Venetian Canals to North African Sunlight

Exploring the artistic journey of rubens santoro from venetian canals to north african sunlight


Exploring the Artistic Journey of Rubens Santoro: From Venetian Canals to North African Sunlight

Written by: Christian Answini I Senior Specialist of Fine & Decorative Arts

Art has the incredible power to transport us to different times and places, allowing us to experience the world through the eyes of the artist. One such artist who masterfully captured the essence of diverse landscapes and cultures is Rubens Santoro. Born in Italy in 1859, Santoro's artistic journey is a testament to his passion for exploration and his ability to translate his experiences onto canvas. Santoro's artistic foundation was laid within the familial setting of his father's studio, where he apprenticed alongside his two brothers. This early exposure nurtured his creative instincts and set him on a path of artistic excellence. Seeking formal education, he enrolled at the L'Instituto di Belle Arti in Naples, under the tutelage of Domenico Morelli. However, formal study proved to be stifling for Santoro, prompting him to leave after just one year. This decision was a turning point, as it allowed him to develop his own artistic voice outside the confines of academic norms.

During his formative years, Santoro found inspiration in the works of Mariano Fortuny, a renowned artist known for his electrifying brushstrokes and attention to naturalistic details. This influence is evident in Santoro's earlier works, characterized by their dynamic brushwork and meticulous attention to capturing life-like details. These works became a testament to his admiration for Fortuny's approach.

The heart of Santoro's artistic journey, however, was devoted to capturing the picturesque beauty of Venetian canal scenes. His paintings of these serene waterways are almost photographic in their precision. Through crisp colors and sparkling light, Santoro brought these scenes to life, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquil ambiance of Venetian life. The compositions he created were not merely paintings but windows into a world frozen in time.


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As the 1880s unfolded, Santoro's artistic trajectory took an exciting turn as he began to explore the rich and vibrant landscapes of North Africa. In these later works, he ventured beyond his familiar Venetian themes and embraced a new color palette saturated with the hues of the African sun. It's likely that his family's penchant for travel influenced this shift, guiding him to the captivating landscapes of North Africa.Santoro's ability to capture the brilliant white sunlight of the Sahara in his paintings is nothing short of remarkable. His small-scaled canvases transformed into gem-like mementos of his travels, carrying the warmth and radiance of the desert. One such example is the present lot, where he skillfully portrays the cool shadows cast by prominent architecture. Despite the bustling presence of figures in the composition, the scene exudes a sense of calm, echoed by the soothing tones of brown, pink, and blue.
Rubens Santoro's artistic journey is one of evolution, experimentation, and a ceaseless quest for beauty. From his humble beginnings in his father's studio to his exploration of Venetian canals and the sun-drenched landscapes of North Africa, Santoro's works continue to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Each painting is a window into a different world, a testament to his ability to capture the essence of a place and a moment in time. As we gaze upon his works, we are reminded of the power of art to transcend borders and eras, connecting us to the human experience in all its diversity and splendor. Stay tuned for works of art like Rubens Santoro and others coming up in our fine art 3 day event on September 12th-14th only at alderferauction.com! 


Written by: Christian Answini I Senior Fine Art Specialist