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Live and Online Auctions

Live and Online Auctions are conducted in front of a live audience. During these events each item presented in the auction is also available for bidding in an online venue such as Alderfer Online or hosted by a third party provider such as:

While the auctioneer is receiving bids from an assembled audience, the auctioneer is also taking bids from bidders who are bidding through the third-party providers in real time or by advance bidding. Following the auction the successful bidders are notified and payment arrangements are made; applicable buyer’s premium applies.

Feb 21
Now Accepting Bids!

Live and Online Gallery Furniture Auction: 2-21-2019

  •   Feb 18 @ 3:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 21 @ 10:00AM EST (End)
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Bid now until auction goes live on February 21st at 10:00AM. Auction includes Primitive Jelly Cupboard, Tavern Bench, Pennsylvania Highboy, Tom Kloss Wooden Bird Sculptures, Large Area Rugs, and More!

Feb 21
Now Accepting Bids!

Live and Online - Gallery Decorative Accessories Auction: 2-21-19

  •   Feb 18 @ 2:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 21 @ 11:00AM EST (End)
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Live & Online at Alderfer Auction with Pre-bidding starting February 18th. Auction includes Wedgewood Bianca dinnerware, Williams-Sonoma redware, Dansk cookware, Steuben and Lalique glass, Kugel Christmas balls, Marylyn Monroe tribute piece, novelties, and more.

Feb 21
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Live and Online - Stamp Auction: 2-21-19

  •   Jan 28 @ 3:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 21 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
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Live at Alderfer Auction. Selected stamp lots will be sold live and online with online prebidding available January 28th. Featuring a wide variety of US and World Wide stamps and covers. Many better items from PRC China including #1586, Italy including #C73-78 on cover, US including #551-71, #658-79 never hinged blocks of 4, many face value lots as well as large lots of covers and stamp accumulations. All lots are offered at no reserve.

Feb 26
Now Accepting Bids!

Live and Online - Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories Auction: 2-26-19

  •   Feb 5 @ 2:00PM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 26 @ 12:30PM EST (End)
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Bid Live at Alderfer Auction and Online Tuesday, February 26th. Pre-Bid Online beginning Tuesday, February 5th. Offline lots will start at 9:00 AM. Online lots will start at 12:30 PM. 500+ lots of both online and offline Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories.

Feb 28
Now Accepting Bids!

Live and Online - Military Auction: 2-28-19

  •   Feb 8 @ 10:00AM EST (Start)
  •   Feb 28 @ 10:00AM EST (End)
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Bid Live at Alderfer Auction and Online Thursday, February 28th. Pre-Bid Online beginning Thursday, February 7th. 300+ Lots including Swords, Bayonets, Fighting knives, Japanese and Chinese daggers, German WWII daggers, German helmets, US medals and insignia, British campaign medals and insignia, German medals and insignia, Hungarian medals, Japanese medals and insignia, Imperial Russian and Soviet badges and medals, Austrian-Hungarian WWI pilots badge, Spanish American War Pennsylvania medal group, Presentation cigarette case from Ho Chi Minh, flags, military photographs and documents, Civil War items, Civil War Ammunition Chest, historical items and artwork, Souvenir military textiles (pillow cases and handkerchiefs), Military letters, documents and ephemera, Trench art, Sweetheart items.

Mar 12

Live and Online - Coin and Currency Auction: 3-12-19

Live at Alderfer Auction and Online. Bid Online beginning Tuesday, February 26th through Tuesday, March 12th at 4:00 PM. 180+ Lots featuring denominations from Large cents to gold, including, Large cents, Flying Eagles, Indians (incl. ALL keys & semi-keys), Lincolns (incl. semi keys), Two cents, Shield, Liberty-V & Buffalo nickels, Seated, Barber & Mercury dimes, Washington quarters with keys, Bust, Barber, Liberty Walking & Franklin halves, Draped Bust, Morgan & Peace dollars, part sets, proof & mint sets, slabbed coins, Silver Eagles, gold and Silver commemoratives, silver bullion, U. S. currency, Spanish silver treasure cache coins, foreign (including high grade Russian Rubles, 1730-39) coins & currency, medals & tokens, plus much more.

Mar 20

Live and Online - Single Owner Main Line Estate Auction: 3-20-19

Live at Alderfer Auction and Online. Bid Live at Alderfer Auction and Online Wednesday, March 20th at 12:00 PM ET. 300+ lots from a Main Line Estate. Fine Art including Edmund Darch Lewis, Peter Sculthorpe, Alfred Sisley, Renoir, Patton Wilson, Paul Rickert, Charles Fazzino, J.E. Masson; Antiques; Oriental Rugs; Sterling Silver; Collection of Lawn and Garden Sculpture and Planters; Furniture including Collection of 10+ Sterling, Gilt and Bronze Chandeliers, Sconces and Table Lamps; J.W. Fiske Urns, Outdoor Statuary, Marquetry Tables, Louis XV Table, Games Table, McGuire Bar Stools, Pier Table, Pinewood Hall Table; Decorative Arts to include Tiller & Treadle Juvenile Tricycle, Trade Signs, Penny Arcade Scale, Fahlin Airplane Propeller, Hermes Barware and Stemware, Anne Nilsson Stemware, Palatial Meissen Vase and more.

Mar 21

Live and Online Collector's Auction: 3-21-19

Live at Alderfer Auction and Online. Bid Live at Alderfer Auction and Online Thursday, March 21st at 12:00 PM ET.  300+ Lots offering an eclectic mix of Decorative Accessories, Rugs, Fine Art, Jewelry, Furniture and Miniatures with a broad appeal to the emerging and seasoned collector.  

Apr 3

Live and Online Doll Auction - From the Collections of Regina Steele, Part 3 and the Estate of Joanne Brucklacher Horstmann et al.: 4-3-19

Bid Live at Alderfer Auction and Online. Pre-bid online starting in March through Wednesday, April 3rd at 10:00 AM. 400+ lots of Fine Dolls and more including Antique French including Van Rozen, R2D, 6EJ, SFBJ, Juneau, Steiner. German Dolls including Munich Art Dolls, Bru-Type, BSW 537 "Wendy", Clothing, Accessories. Antique Bears, other animals. Cloth Dolls including Maggie Bessie, Polly Heckwelder, Moravian, Presbyterian, Kathe Kruse, Kamkins, Philadelphia Baby, Chase. Schoenhut dolls, Door of Hope. Rolly/Dolly. Candy Containers & Holiday; Antique Toys, Vintage Clothing and much more!