Sportsman Auctions

One of our many popular auctions consists of all types of fishing equipment including freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing equipment. We also handle camping items, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, cars, trucks, trailers and campers. 

Taxidermy Auctions

Taxidermy, once prized as “Trophies” has become the quest of more than the hunters that have collected them. The increasing popularity has extended far beyond the outdoorsman community. Trophies have taken center stage in the theatre and movie industry in supporting roles. Decorators have added nature and diversity to showcase fashion, home décor and world cultures. We are able to enjoy these majestic animals, in all their beauty, through the preservation of taxidermy. These auctions have become the favorite of many through the life-like presentations of “Life in the Wild” and “Wildlife Art”. 

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