How To Be A Bidder

Helping people through transitions in life.
Helping people through transitions in life.
Helping people through transitions in life.

With more than 50 auctions each year, Alderfer Auction attracts buyers with a wide range of interests from all over the world. Each week bidders register in person, over the telephone or online to bid. Auctions are available for preview and absentee bids can be submitted in the event bidders are unable to attend an auction.

Types of Auctions

Alderfer Auction & Appraisal offers various types of auctions. Our live auctions take place in real time at our auction center.  Online only auctions take place over an extended period of time via the internet.   We also broadcast select live auctions via the internet to accommodate bidders across the globe.

Types of Bidding

Live Bidding
Live bidding is the traditional method of bidding at our auction center.  Prior to bidding, all bidders must register to receive a bidder number. To bid in the auction, simply raise your bidder number for the auctioneer to see. Successful bidders will collect and pay for their items as full payment is required on auction day.

Absentee Bidding
For those unable to attend the auction, Alderfer’s offers the absentee bid service as a convenience to our patrons.  Alderfer’s will not be held responsible for error or failure to execute the bid(s).  Absentee bids must be in writing and a fifty dollar ($50) minimum bid is required per item.

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Telephone Bidding
Phone bids must be arranged in advance with one of our staff.  All phone bids are required to start at minimum half of the low estimate.  We suggest that phone and absentee bids be made 24 hours in advance to allow time for processing.  In order to avoid delays in receiving purchases, buyers unknown to us are advised to make payment arrangements or supply credit references in advance of the auction by contacting our Accounting Department at 215-393-3000.

Online Bidding
Online bidding allows you to bid via the internet from the comfort of your home. An Online Only Auction takes place over an extended period of time versus a Live and Online Auction which allows you to bid in select live auctions via the internet.

Become a Bidder – Buyer Information

Buyers must register for a bidding number by giving name, address, phone number, and identification acceptable to us. Please show your bidding number to the auctioneer after each purchase you make.

The highest bidder shall be the buyer, and if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall decide the buyer or immediately put the item up for sale again.  In the event of a tie between an online bidder and the floor bidder, the floor bidder will take precedence.  The auctioneer’s decision will be binding and final.

Some lots are offered subject to a reserve, which is a confidential minimum price below which such a lot will not be sold.

The record of sale, kept by the auctioneer and clerk, will be taken as absolute and final in all disputes.

A buyer’s premium of 20% of the hammer price (plus 5% online bidding fee) shall be added to each purchase to reach the total sales price, a 3% buyer’s premium discount applied if paid with cash or acceptable check if purchased in-house. Discount does not apply to online purchases. Online purchases are credit card only.

Items purchased may be removed once payment is made.  All items purchased by in-house bidders should be removed on the day of the auction.  Online buyers who wish to pick up their purchases shall not do so until the Monday following the day of the auction.

After two (2) weeks, items will be placed in storage.  Fee of storage will be $10 per week per item.  Registering for the auction indicates acceptance of the above terms and conditions.